Friday, September 14, 2007

hate to burst another ignorant bubble

but those vitamins you've been O.D-ing on, aren't going to make your hair grow.


  • the myth that prenatal vitamins make or encourage hair to grow faster is a lie. it stems from the well-known fact that most pregnant womens' hair grows faster than normal womens' hair--but it doesn't occur as a result of uber-vitamin supliments.
  • pregnant hair grows faster because of a surge in estrogen and growth hormones coming from a busy womb. it doesn't just grow on the head, and it grows beatifully. but don't get all excited over a 300% daily increase of vitamin C and Iron, its not going to do a thing to your pretty little head. if anything, it'll up your immune system


  • a key ingredient in those hair/skin/nails vitamins is BIOTIN, a b-vitamin rumored, but not proven, to promote the health of skin, nails, and hair.
  • Biotin is a great and wonderous thing, it can help strengthen the hair, perhaps add some protein to the strands that come out of the folicle, but its not going to send the folicles into a hyperactive state and make the hair come out thicker-longer-faster.
  • one can purchase pure Biotin from most major retailers like Target and GNC, and the highest strength I've seen is in 5,000 mcg (5mg), which is about 1,667% reccomended daily value.

  • MILK CREEK has a long list of products (and testimonials) for biotin-infused hair products, including shampoo, which I've never seen before. take it with a grain of salt. I'll explain my "vitamins are liars" madness soon.

  • If you're really desperate to make your hair grow, you're going to try these things reguardless of any common-sense I may try and shove down your throat. but bare in mind, one can overdose on a nutritional suppliment, especially those containing iron. so if you really want long, thick, lustrous hair, take heed:

    the key to increased hair growth comes from stimulation of the follicles. biotin isn't going to shock and excite the blood-vessels that feed the the hair and its growth follicles--peppermint oil will.

    generic peppermint oil of any brand can be purchased usually at a whole-foods-type store. just add a few drops to your shampoo and massage it into the scalp thoroughly with your fingertips to get the follicles open, clean and energized.

    the NIOXIN system is infamous for aiding in hair growth and health. its dinstinct minty smell comes from--you guessed it: peppermint oil.

    now there are other ingredients and stimulants in the formula which are proven to help, but is mostly recommened for re-growing lost hair, but hey, it can't hurt a slow head of hair, can it?

    enjoy, and put down the flinstones chewables. you're too old for those things.
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